Muslims of Reddit - in your opinion, what, if anything, should we be doing to combat these acts of terrorism that keep hitting the front page perpetrated by people who claim allegiance to Islam?

can they possibly understand it and reach their own conclusions on what the book says? The mullah's and imams are on a payroll, they get paid to preach whatever the hell they want. They could say the quran says to fly out of windows when you're 25 and the kids would do it. Why not believe in a better afterlife if your life is so shitty? The kids eventually get told about heaven and how they can have women, they get all these things they never had in their real lives. They get told if they love their families they would do whatever was required of them. They go out get themselves killed and the people at the top sit comfortably watching it happen. If the people at the top believed that dying for Islam led to heaven they would all go blow themselves up in one quick go and be done with it. Yet they dont, they profit they created a syndicate that makes money corrupts youth and profits off the suffering of others. It could have been any book, you could literally go to most of the "jihadist" in Afghanistan hand him "50 shades of grey" and tell him it was the Quran and he would believe you.

You have to consider the following as well, think about the horrific rat

My own experience is that muslims do not want to get to know me. The community keeps within its own circles and they talk bullshit behind backs of people belonging into other communities. How nice it is when you walk with a fellow muslim and they start ranting how the non-islamic country where they live sucks, culture is so much from arse and people are so stupid since they have not adopted their ways of living and their culture.

I tried stopped getting acquainted with people from this community actively long time ago even though I still have some muslim friends. My own experience is that some people belonging into that specific community are way too pushy about their own habits and lack respect for other communities.

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