Muslims think women are property why are allowing them into our country?

I think the questions needs some clarity?

Are you asking why are we allowing muslim women into our country or why are we allowing all muslims into our country.

I will try to answer anyways, with the assumption that you are asking the latter question. Muslims do not particularly think of women as property, However, it is undeniable that the idea of a woman's equality to man is something most muslim societies do not agree with. This has allowed men in such societies to undermine and attempt to control women, most especially their own wives.

All muslims are not off this way of thinking despite the fact that the media often portrays that to be the case. There's no easy way to know a man who thinks of women as property and we can't go about denying people entry based on their religious beliefs. I believe that's discrimination and if the world were to simply categorize everyone from somewhere based on a group of people, There'd be many unfair situations for everyone always based on dressing or looks or colour

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