Must We Regard Theodore Kaczynski's Manifesto ('Industrial Society And Its Future') As The Product Of A Madman Or A Visionary?

The imperative here, for me subjectively, lies in the fact that many of us, including myself, felt uneasy in downloading this file in fear that we would somehow be placed on a watchlist or unsuspectingly download a surveillance virus.

This may seem unlikely, however the NSA and others have been proven to use such tactics. See Snowden's revelations.

"Must" shows that there is at least a subconscious need to submit to social sovereignty.

My answer therefore, is that we "must" give the arguments he presented an unbiased consideration in order to respect our own autonomy.

Btw, I've only read the intro so far but his points are lucid and hold credence. I will be reading the rest. He is a strong example of violent means corrupting and discrediting ideas. We should learn from this and advocate for the productivity of peace.

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