Mute ALL servers and manually unmute One

You can’t mute all servers, though I wish you could, but you can mute each server at a time.

On PC:

  1. ⁠Right click the server icon.
  2. ⁠“Notification Settings”.
  3. ⁠Click “Suppress @everyone and @here”.
  4. ⁠Click “Suppress all role mentions”.

On Mobile:

  1. ⁠Go to the server or your choice.
  2. ⁠Click the ••• at the top of the server near its name.
  3. ⁠Press “Notifications”.
  4. ⁠Under “Server Notification Settings”, press “Nothing”.
  5. ⁠Enable “Suppress @everyone and @here”.
  6. ⁠Enable “Suppress all role mentions”.

Do that for every server you’d like to mute. You’ll still get pings when people mention you specifically, but it stops those pesky, often, @everyone & @member pings.

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