A mutual friend accused me of being bi for going on a date with a transwoman and my friends didn’t defend me

No, lesbians enjoy penetration too. That's why we use dildos. I'd say the biggest attractor to me, as a lesbian, is feminine personality, looks, and other feminine characteristics. Genitals do still matter to some but I wouldn't say they matter for every single lesbian. Like a person with a penis can still eat me out and penetrate me just like a person with a vagina can. And that doesn't make me any less lesbian if all the people I date identify as a woman or non binary. Bc, nobody should know what their genitals look like but me and them so it's just transphobic to assume they still have their original genitals. So, to other people outside my sexual relationship, if I'm dating a transwoman that looks, acts, and is a woman then people should just see two women dating each other. Not assume one is bi bc the other may or may not have a dick.

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