My 1-year Transformation; from total slob, to in-shape slob.

Sure, for hypertrophy eat a surplus of at least 250-500kcals on training days and try sets of 48 to 410 for a month. Dont worry about the strength sets (less than 6 reps) for now, you can come back to that. You will want to increase the weight but stay at same reps for each set. Lower your volume of cardio unless you find it to be a good stress reliever. After all, who is bigger, a sprinter or a marathon runner?
Immerse yourself in bodybuilding. Start following Instagrams with bodybuilders. You'll see what I mean that most of the time they do ten reps and I'm always surprised that they get the last three or four out! Go to /r/bodybuilding. Have realistic expectations. Unless you're on test, don't expect to gain more than four # a month of muscle. That might even be a stretch. But that adds up quickly over weeks and months. I'm sure this will be downvoted as well, but this is how you do it. Don't blow out on volume like you are unless you start eating a ton more or start cycling. Take care of your joints. Enjoy the ride!

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