My 14 year old daughter had her vaccinations at school today. She said some kids didn't have theirs as their parents are anti vax and believe the vaccines can make you autistic or gay. This is England in 2019! Give me a gay autistic kid over a dead one any day !

Because people like you can't help themselves from posting blatantly obvious karma posts like this one, that show up on r/all every single day from some sub or another, I have to see it when I look for actual interesting posts on r/all. I sometimes come to r/britishproblems to see actually interesting posts from people who (usually) have the decency not to post drivel like this, using their kid and their made-up tripe to get imaginary internet points.

Look, we all know this by now. We see the same topic every day, and today it was from you. If you didn't, someone else would've, and they will tomorrow, too. Congrats on your free karma with your obviously BS story about your kid.

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