My [16F] dad [38M] told me that he rapes my mother sometimes. What am I supposed to do?

That's insane. You still don't get why women are waking up and signing men off?? You dont see us as human beings. I was literally saying in another sub that women who think selling themselves is empowerment are delusional because men don't care about us. And you just proved that point. I will never sell myself because men in general are repulsive. And I could never associate myself with a woman who does that. If you are interested, this is my comment in the other sub.

"More women need to realize that exposing yourself to degenerates who objectify you does not make them respect you. They are completely fine with supporting nudes as empowering as long as it serves them, but let these same women talk about subjects like equal pay etc and see the reaction. I don't have a problem with women being naked but these men don't give a shit about us. You are not empowered in their eyes, you are just servicing their dick."

I just proved my point. That's insane. My goodness!

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