My (17f) boyfriends mom (49f) drunkenly admitted to me she resents me after her other son (26m) got arrested for attacking me

You're not at fault, you did nothing wrong, but I'm also confused as to what your expectations are in this scenario?

Every single person in the world has irrational, unfair or shitty thoughts or things that make them emotional or hurt when they shouldn't. That's what your bf's mum is experiencing.

She knows her son fucked up, she's not disputing he deserves jail time and quite obviously she still wants a relationship with you and also for you and her other son to be together.

She was drunk and she's sad her son is in prison, she's sad his actions have had such an impact on everyone and she also blames herself, it's complicated and shit.

But real life isn't the same as online. Here it's very easy for us to tell you 'wow fuck that bitch blaming you' but I'm sure in her 49 years of life she's a nice person somewhere too.

For your part, you can keep trying to get a perfect response from everyone, or you can recognise that you did nothing wrong, and your boyfriends family still love his brother, even though his actions were disgusting, and shit is messy.

Like, you're not in the wrong at all here and you did the right thing. I don't think this is worth blowing up your bf's family, however.

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