My (18F) boyfriend’s (19M) mom came to his work around 1am after closing

So she went from wanting $200, then $400, now $800. What's her reasoning for this, other than putting food on the table and giving him a home to live in? She's his mother, it's literally her job to provide for him until he moves out. She has zero right to anything other than the original $200 he agreed upon. She'll have no legal claim to it, as any judge would probably laugh her out of the courtroom, so she's wasting her time.

If she keeps harassing him at work, tell him to get it on camera, then go to the store's manager and make a complaint that he doesn't feel safe at work. It shouldn't matter that they're related, and a problem employee harassing other workers should be enough to have the manager sit her down and tell her it won't be tolerated.

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