My [18M] friend with benefits [42F] is offering me a huge amount of money if I get her pregnant with her first baby since her time is running out.

Oh kid. Im a 35 year old woman. You are not doing what you think you are doing. This woman is not dating you because she thinks you are cute. She is abusing and manipulating you. She has mental problems. Something is wrong if she can not find someone her own age to have a healthy relationship with. And no. You have no protection from child support if she chooses to seek it. She gets a baby but you will get fucked. You also are messing up your chance at a healthy relationship with someone your own age. No girl will date you with this mess you have going on. You are at risk for an STD far greater than from someone your own age. The fact that she is buying you things is textbook predatory behavior. You need to cut contact. Like yesterday.

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