My [19 F] parents [49 F & 57 M] want me to watch their two dogs while they're on vacation, even though I don't like dogs very much.

You are not obligated to take care of their dogs, especially when you don't live in same house. Your parents should have asked if you WOULD LIKE to take care of them instead of just putting them in your care. They could have had the option of putting them in a doggy daycare or something.

I guess my parents are asking me because my step-brother who also lives in town watched the dogs and house before, and my dad was upset with the way he left the house (he and his girlfriend didn't clean up after themselves.)

You don't know what the situation was like; perhaps they expect you to clean up the house and make sure it's spotless or just the way it was before they left. You might have to do that on top of taking care of the dogs, feeding them, taking them for walks etc. That's a lot of work.

I sure hope they've got enough dog food and what other necessities you need otherwise it will have to come out of your pocket.

Is it too late to reject them?

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