My (19F) SO (21M) gets horny almost every time we're hugging and it's making me really uncomfortable

We've moved in together because we were seeing each other almost everyday already, plus he used to live a 1-1.30 hour drive away with his parents and our relationship was going very well and we were getting more serious. He's working full time, I was studying and working part time very recently until I couldn't handle it anymore because of depression. Currently he's paying the bills but I'm contributing as much as I can. No parents involved, I'm no contact with mine because of both of them being abusive POS, his relationship with his parents is okay but they aren't very involved either. Long story. Currently I'm a bit dependant on him because of my mental health but most decisions are mutually made and we're both contributing the best we can.

Our relationship is very warm, strong and close, we are very considerate of each other and there is a lot of respect and love in the relationship. Some of our down sides are my mental health and insecurity (and I'm also a bit of an overthinker/chaotic), and he isn't the best in communicating or showing his emotions/deeper thoughts. We both like to show love by physical intimacy and affection, but I prefer it a bit more in a non-sexual way, I see sex a little bit more as an act of lust (but in a loving way too! But sometimes I find it hard to experience love through lust if that makes sense) and I like to show love with compliments, kind words etc a little bit more than he does. We don't really have much disagreements at all, a downside however is that I'm very conflict avoidant and he's stubborn.

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