My [19F] fiancée [18F] is still being treated like a child by her parents

ed about it and addressed boundaries and the like.

I disagree with your fourth point though. Legally, you don’t have to live by your parents rules (at least that’s what my dad has told me). I’d understand if she were still a minor but eh legally she doesn’t have to go by their rules at the age of majority since they technically no longer have custody of her, especially since it’s her emotions that matter here.

Legality is a different issue. Let's say you have an 18 year old living in your home. You want them to follow your rules and do something that everyone does: go to the bathroom in the toilet. Instead they decide to do it in the sink, because LEGALLY they don't have to listen to you. Would you still be upset? Would you insist they follow your rules?

Gross example, yes, but legality has nothing to do with anything here.

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