My [19F] mom [59F] just told me that I make her depressed. How do I deal with this?

Your mother does not know how to communicate to you in a proper way how sad she feels for you. Not in a pitiful way, she just see you sitting there and not living your life as you should.

There’s another way to look at it, maybe she said that you make her depressed because of the difficult position you find yourself into. It would reasonably put down a lot of people.

I feel that you have dwelled long enough on this injury and now are just dragging along.

I don’t want to be harsh, or sound uncaring, but you are a young woman, with a future ahead that is full of possibilities, and life. You are just discovering yourself, you are at the beginning of your life, and you have the privilege to have a mother that is bending backwards for you. Take this all in, and rejoice in it.

See your mother as a friend more than anything, because ultimately, one day, you’ll be on your own.

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