My [20M] girlfriend [21F] of 1 year ate pot brownies and made out with her friend [19F] while I'm out of town. Unsure what to think.

Jesus. Just called her out and got this text back:

*I'll try to explain the best way I can. I was out with Lexi bc she was meeting Nick's (Lexi's bf) dad at cantina and didn't want to go alone, I had 2 drinks there and then they wanted to leave to smoke I went with bc the house they were going to is right on the other side of the square by second ave and Id figured I'd be halfway home. I took 2 hits of a blunt and was just trying to hangout a little before I went home. I mentioned I was kinda hungry and was told there was food in the kitchen I got a brownie and went to the bathroom with Lexi I ate the brownie and then was told it was a pot brownie and I was like "well I've never done an edible let's see how this goes" but I guess I ate a lot. I honestly don't really remember a lot after the brownie started kicking in, I vaguely remember talking about some weird topics. There was another girl there too I think her name was Hannah but I'm not too positive. Anyway she brought up how she could never be a lesbian and stuff like that but how she could still appreciate the female body. I agreed, I was like "I like [OP] too much to really think about it but I can definitely say when a girl is hot or not" and that conversation kept going, idk I was pretty hazy from the brownie, next thing I know Lexi is making out with me and I was confused and I had her leave the room with me to explain and she said it was necessary but I don't really know the situation. I mean she's one of my best friends so I believed her when she said it was necessary. That's when I told you, I don't want to hide things from you. That's when you were messaging me and I knew I needed to talk to you so I left and tried to call you. I walked home and the brownie hit me way harder. I didn't think edibles could have intense stages but it did. I guess I was acting weird and my roommates wanted to take me to the hospital and I told them I just needed to sleep it off. That's what I remember happening. I would never, ever think to cheat on you. [OP] I don't think you know how much you mean to me. I'm really sorry. *

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