My (21 male) girlfriend (21 female) wants to wear pasties to an Edmonton festival

**Taking a moment to clarify that I'm not trying to come to OP's defense, more the general public who have a hard time explaining or understanding why fashion choice is not inherently for the reception of others.

Sometimes it just feels really good to not have to wear clothes and be free and confident in your own body. This applies to all genders. People can dress for others or dress for themselves, or both, or neither, depending on the day. People have relationships with their wardrobes and can communicate through their choice of clothing (or lack thereof).

Those "conversations" can be with others: * "I need to dress business casual for my meeting today" * "Date night! I'll wear the shirt SO likes!" * "I want someone to touch my butt so I will wear my bootylicious pants today"

..or internal: * "I feel like a burrito today so I'mma wear these old dirty sweats" * "It's hot AF and I wanna move around so I'm stripping town to the bare minimum" * "I'm proud of my muscle tone in my back this week, I'll feel confident as hell in this backless dress for the first time in ages!"

I think of music in a similar light. You have preferences, songs you enjoy and want to share with the world, songs you listen to for your own enjoyment, songs you'd never admit to anybody that you like, songs that don't necessarily "fit in" with the rest of your playlist. You can have a conversation with a person in just sharing tracks, or shut yourself in a dark room for an hour listening to something that tells you a secret story.

I suppose I'd liken OP's shirtlessness to "dancing like no one is watching", which I am ever so sure he will be doing anyway.

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