My (21f) BF (29m) of 2 years and I are doing a study abroad program this semester. Yesterday we toured a catacombs/ossuary and he stole a human skull. I'm so disgusted for so many reasons but don't know what to do.

I work with human remains on a regular basis and am not squeamish about them. We often even do things with them that many would consider inherently disrespectful (it's for legitimate purposes, just stuff that bothers a lot of people), and we definitely have some gallows humor going on.

Despite coming from that background, I would dump a boyfriend in a heartbeat for something like this. It shows an appalling lack of respect, both for the remains and the site you visited, and for the country that is hosting you. It is thoughtless and irresponsible. If he was 15, I'd say he was just being a dumb teenager, but he's almost 30. That's disgusting.

It also shows a lack of regard for you. The other posters who have mentioned how this could implicate you in a crime are absolutely correct. Even if you aren't criminally charged, it's pretty common for study abroad programs to just kick everyone involved out of the program because this kind of behavior reflects really badly on them. And you're involved if you don't report it, because you're living in the house with the skull and know it is there. My sister did a study abroad program and one of her fellow students stole some sacred items from a shrine, and like 3-4 people got kicked out over it even though only one of them actually stole it.

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