My (21f) parents make my bf (22m) sleep in the childhood guest bedroom

This post reminds me of one very awkward time with inlaws-to-be ... My husband and I were dating and living together at the time, but he had privately proposed to me and we were going to tell his family at a later time. Well, the time seemed to present itself, as we were invited to travel to see his grandparents who lived two states away. It was my first time meeting them in person.
Before the day of the trip arrived, we were all discussing the sleeping arrangements and it was hinted at that we may be required to sleep in separate rooms. Due to something that had happened in the past with a similar situation, ha and I agreed that we would not stay anywhere that we had so sleep apart. My husband's parents knew that, but they wanted us to go on the trip and they are very manipulative, so ... they lied. Said it wouldn't be a problem.
Long story short - it was a problem! Bedtime came, and we were directed to sleep apart and an argument ensued when my husband and I got upset because we would have stayed home had we known this. We tried to have a frank discussion with the grandparents, who firmly kept saying they would not have "it" under their roof. We asked what "it" was - sleeping in close proximity? Or sex? There was absolutely NO WAY we would have had sex that night - especially on a pull out couch bed in the middle of the living room ... Not to mention that we had planned to announce our engagement to them the next day. None of anything we said mattered. We finally said we would sleep in FIL's truck for the night, but instead of letting us do that, my inlaws packed up that night and drive straight through back home. The grandparents were very sad to see us all leave, but they would NOT budge on that rule, and my husband's parents were chastened because they brought us knowing that it would be an issue - they just expected us to cave.

The point is , I think it's unlikely your parents will come around to your way of thinking on the subject. It's a common stance among the older generation that they hold fast to.
I can definitely see the tension it causes , as well. Unfortunately I'm not sure if there's any compromise here, unless you guys can just rent a room or possibly move in together. I hope you can come up with a solution that pacifies everyone.

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