My [21M] younger sister [18F] was in a pretty bad car accident yesterday need some advice to help her.

I was in a accident that caused me to forgot half of that day. Head injury but nothing super major. Apparently a car hit me,then I hit a parked car. I was unconscious till 2 hours later I freaked out. The majority of the night is a huge blur. I couldn't focus on one thing. Basically my head was spiraling or something like that. I was blamed for it even though there was signs of a car hitting me and tire Mark's suggestion that there was a another car. Anyways, after all this I was sent home and couldn't really shake this fear I had. What was in my mind was "what the fuck happened ?" "Why cant I remember?" "I could have died today " I fucked up my mom's car!" And such. I cried I had many panic attacks for a good while. I wouldn't even get near a car. Even if I wasn't the driver I still wouldn't want to be in one. I had spent about 2 weeks like this. Until my oldest brother told me to help him move the car a little forward so he could park his car and wash it. Or something like that. (I dont remember the exact reason but he needed me to move a car for him). He forced me to move it. I was panicking the whole time. No lie. But I did it. When I did what he asked I got out of the car and freaked out even more. I started riding my bike to work or just about anywhere I wanted to go. Until I couldn't do this anymore. It was becoming winter, the cold and the rain pushed me to using the car. First It took me a week to just be okay riding in my neighborhood, then half a week to be okay riding on the freeway. I'm okay now. It no longer frightens me riding or using a car. Im okay. I am however always aware of my surroundings. Always cautious. Looking for stupid drivers or stupid people crossing the street.Anyways hope this helps I dont know about therapy I didnt need it. My family did try to push me to get back into driving but it didnt work.(for me atleast). I suggest let her do it in her time. Just be there. Tell her it wasnt her fault. I wish someone told me this.

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