My [22f] boyfriend [23m of 9 months] occasionally does cocaine, I don't know how I feel

I did bring up my feeling on the matter once. We were going out one night, in his country, and I asked if everyone was going to be doing coke. He said they might be. At the moment we were trying to pick up weed. He said that he was going to suggest us getting coke but since I had a flight the next day he thought it would be best if we didn't. I told him that I was uncomfortable with it but willing to try it.. He said that he didn't want to be doing anything that I wasn't at the party because he wanted us to have a good time together.

I told him that if anyone offered it to him, to at least let me know that's what he was doing, he agreed to that but said that he wouldn't either way. At one point I was in another room, he didn't know where I was but I did hear one of his friends offer it, and he politely declined. He could have said yes, I wasn't there, but he didn't... so that's something.

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