My[23F] husband's[25M] cooking is too spicy, takes it personally when I don't eat it

I know this is trivial, but I have no idea what to do about it. We've been together for nearly 6.5 years and this has been the case the whole time.

My husband and I split cooking duties, we both enjoy cooking. Every time he cooks a dish with chilli in it, he uses way too much. To the point that eating it is painful, or it makes me cry.

I've asked him to set some of the food aside and add chilli at the end, so he can have it however hot he likes it. I've asked him to add just a little bit of chilli at a time and taste the dish as he's cooking, to know how hot it is. I've also asked him to deseed chilli peppers when he uses them. He's agreed to each of these suggestions, but then doesn't do them.

When he makes something that's too spicy and I can't eat it, I have leftovers for dinner. But that upsets him, because I "don't like his cooking". His meals usually taste really good, just the chilli overpowers all the other flavours.

He even adds chilli to spaghetti bolognese.

The food makes him cry, too, and he agrees that it's too hot. (our guests also agree, and our toddler won't eat his cooking)

I'm just not sure what to do. I've asked him so many times to be careful with the chilli, everytime he agrees but then doesn't do anything. I don't like upsetting him by not eating his cooking, and I don't want to nag him every time he cooks.

Any suggestions?

Tl;dr husband makes really spicy food, but gets upset when I won't eat it

Update: I spoke to him about this again. He's going to get a jalapeno plant to use in his cooking. He was pretty annoyed that I'm complaining about this still, so I said "After 6 years it's ridiculous that I have to keep complaining about this."

~That way he can still cook using his chillies from the garden, but the dishes should be mild/medium. He doesn't want to take cooking classes together.~

I kept bugging him to find out why he hasn't listened before, he said "I just like hot food". So there we have it, he was being selfish. He then said, "I just won't use chili at all anymore" and I said fine, you can add sriracha or make a separate batch if you want it hot. I'm not particularly impressed that he's been doing this deliberately, but I think it's resolved. Thanks guys!

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