My (23F) sister (20F) got engaged two months after me to a guy she’s been with for 2.5 months. How to go about this very odd situation?

I am upset, because I don’t support their relationship and because she got engaged and will get married during a time in my life I wanted to be special.

Okay, you need to get clear about what the problem is.

Because if you go talk to her because you think she's doing something dumb (which she probably is!) and it's really because you're upset because she's raining on your parade, it's not going to go well.

You don't get to carve out a year where nobody else can get married just because you want to feel special. You don't get to tell your sister to put her life on hold. A window of a couple of months might make sense, but you're going to have 9 months to a year - sorry, you just have to live with that one.

However, a 20-year-old shouldn't be marrying a 16-year-old after two months. As her sister and someone who (presumedly) cares about her, you should talk to her and make sure she's really making this decision for herself, not being pressured into it. Maybe she's pregnant? I dunno. But someone who knows her well and cares for her who she trusts needs to sit down and talk to her and get the business before she makes a giant mistake.

But for the love of god, this isn't about you, and making it about wanting to feel on cloud nine makes you come off as a grade-A asshole.

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