My (24F) boyfriend (24M) was cheating and I just found out

I would have made a big mistake and left my girlfriend when i was in doubt, she was texting like really much and to crown it all, she recently met a cute guy who she exchanges number with not caring that am there. i was furious and wanted to know who she was talking with, so i went online in search for a hacker to help me get into her phone, that was when i met *** CYBERARON17 VIA GMAIL, who i paid for the hack. She only asked for her phone no and i had access to all her social media chats, location, calls, messages within hours, that was when i got to know that she was actually talking about me and everything including the cute guy was a plot to make me jealous and value her more, to be honest, my work takes 80% of my time. So, thanks to CYBERARON17 VIA GMAIL. my relationship was saved.

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