My (24f) boyfriend (35m) got irrationally angry because I progressed in a video game without him.

Don’t be with someone who makes you be smaller so they can feel bigger.

Let me call out what he does:

1) Gets so mad at you for beating him in a game that you now intentionally lose to him 2) Blames you for being “bad”. (“You die too much”)

And you’re here asking how YOU can make this better. I wish there was an answer for that, but the fact is that you can’t. You’ve tried communicating, he shouts at you. You’ve tried losing to him, he tells you you’re bad at the game. You’re trying to lower the bar to beat you so much that you’re lying down, and he’s using the opportunity to step on you.

OP. I’m sure he’s great when he’s not like this. But HE IS LIKE THIS. He becomes hateful, he makes you walk on eggshells.

Take the decision to leave you out of his hands. Don’t be in a relationship with a guy who’s this insecure and blames you for it.

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