My [24F] boyfriend of 5 months [28M]'s "best friend [Late20sF]" went berserk when she found out about me.

Sounds exactly like a thing that happened with me over the summer, except I was the other girl. Liked a guy. He said he didn't have feelings. Ok, whatever. But over the summer ended up talking more and more, got really close, talking all day every day, hung out pretty often, eventually ended up sleeping together a bunch of times. I got super confused because he was being close with me even though he'd said we were just friends. (Probably a mistake on my part too, but eh). Trusted the guy more than anyone else.

So eventually I threw it all down on the line and told him I still had feeling for him and didn't know what to do. And he responded by.... ignoring me. And then making out with his new girlfriend (he didn't cheat on her, don't worry) in front of me at an event he knew I'd be at. That shit hurt more than anything else I've been through tbh, I flipped out.... to about the level that girl did. And he responded with "well I said I didn't have feelings" and basically defended himself endlessly. Ok, I get that, but that's not how you acted, and when I told you I had feelings... you couldn't have told me you were seeing someone else?! What the FUCK?! You choose to tell me by making out with some girl in front of me immediately following that?! That's disrespectful on every level, especially to someone you consider a good friend.

I still don't think it was malicious, I think the guy just didn't know what the fuck to do and though it'd be better to try to hide things than to hurt my feelings. It sounds a whole lot like your situation. Not making excuses, because it's a shitty way for him to act, and he needs to learn that honesty is always best. Maybe you can work through this and he will learn to communicate more. Or maybe he never will.

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