My (25F) boyfriend (24M) made a huge scene in front of my mom, and i don’t know where to go from here

Why do you feel the need to pacify this, to come back from this, rather than...leaving him? You need to ask yourself that hard question, why your sense of self-preservation is damaged.

That is a good question... The first thought that comes in my mind is that i love him like i never loved anyone before. Also, i feel that he truly loves me as well. When he is relaxed and oblivious to all his insecurities, everything feels so good and right. That's probably why i often feel like if i met him in a couple years, when he had his problems sorted out and felt good about himself, he would be my perfect person. But unfortunately, it isn't working right now.

The second though is, i have always been the "supporter" in most of my relationships (friends, family). I like to help and give advice, more than get it for myself. This is something i know and feel good at. That's probably what made me keep dating him even knowing how hard it would be to deal with his depression. But it's getting to a point where i feel like i am giving so much away, there's nothing left for me.

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