My (25f) friend (32m) sees his video game family as real people and I'm starting to get worried

I feel like this guy is me in 11 years. This sort of thing has probably been happening to him for years and he's accepted that he's never going to be with anyone.

It's possible he thought you were his last chance, not that you're at fault or anything for not wanting to date him, that's completely fine. But honestly, if he can't get therapy, and directly confronting him about it doesn't change his behaviour, then I'm afraid nothing can be done.

That said, he might be pretty rational and agree if you ask him if he knows it's not real, but you've got yourself into a tricky situation OP. You know him best so maybe it's possible to talk him out of it or ask him questions about why he's doing it? You might not be pleased with the answers, but I'd advise you not to back yourself into a corner where you'll feel guilty for not being able to help as much as you want.

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