My (26 F) boyfriend (27 M) wants to get married, but we have different life plans

Well, I was feeling pretty bad for both of you through most of this. You both love each other, but your different wants in life are inevitably going to tear you away from each other. That sucks.

Then, I read the last paragraph, and I don't really feel bad for either of you anymore.

He has convinced himself that whatever he envisions for the future, you are going to just go along with it. He doesn't care about you as a whole person, with their own life, and wants, and needs. He just sees you as one element in the fantasy world he has been living in.

You tried to do the right thing and break up, but he let his imagination take over and convince him that you changed your mind. And you... You just went along with it? Now you're living alongside him in a totally separate fantasy world. He believes that you two are still together and on a path to some blissful marriage. You believe that you two are already broken up, and your fantasy life of travel and adventure is waiting just around the corner. Really, you're both wrong. You're both in the same boat. You both are just sticking around for what you know–what is comfortable for you–even though you know that it's prolonging the hurt to your partner.

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