My [27 M] best friend [27 M] wants to cut my wife [22 F] from our softball team, not sure how to handle it.

You still don't get it. Something of consequence has happened and either you will need to lie (which you seem disinclined to do) or you will hurt your wife. You have know about this too long. You should have taken this to your wife the moment it became an issues.

  • What happens when she wants to commiserate about it?

You commiserate with her and then you both look for a new team. This is marriage maintenance 101, you do not drop your spouse from a shared activity in the name of winning a fucking rec league. It is a recreational league, you play for fun and with friends. Anyone who takes it mores seriously than that needs to check their priorities.

We had a Sunday football team. The son of one of our guys who played with us had Down's syndrome. One of the absolute worst goal keepers I have ever seen. Did it matter? No it did not. We were out to play together and have a laugh.

  • Should I tell her that I think J has a fair point?

No. Not even remotely. You find whatever words you need to to say that maybe the team is going in another direction. You do not side with someone else over such an insignificant matter.

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