My (27F) best friend (28F) told me she was having an affair with my husband (28M)… I don’t believe her.

Sounds like your friend is living in a fantasy world. She wanted your husband but took too long to ask him out and you got him first. See how she's tried every angle to get you to leave him...? This is just another ploy to try to win him round.

She is not your best friend. She is a meddling, conniving cunt and I think you need to plan a heinous revenge.

She deserves to be completely freaked out. The first thought that went into my head was to get a convincing wax sculpture of yourself made to look like you're sleeping, and then have her walk in one day and find it on the sofa in your living room next to an empty bottle of pills, with a horrid note blaming her for everything. Set a hidden camera up in the room and record the whole thing.

Then you and your husband walk in and catch her. Then you can tell her to get out of both you and your husband's lives, run away and never come back.

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