My [27F] boyfriend [29M] throws tantrums and I'm getting sick of it

I am not defending your boyfriend here, just offering an insight:

I was a teacher. For a long time. I was consistently judged to be top of my game. I loved my job, it was my life. But it was so much work. I too was working til 11pm on week nights. 8-9 hours on the weekend. Many days over the holidays. All I did was work. And it made me so miserable, angry and stressed. I used to throw my belongings like a phone across the room when it all became too much and then I'd cry. My poor husband understood, he was going through the same shit, and we would cry together. And that's when we realised this job was actually going to ruin our relationship, our health and our lives.

We spoke to our teacher friends. A lot of them were going through the exact same thing. It is sadly extremely common. We both left teaching and haven't looked back. Happier than ever.

So maybe your boyfriend needs to leave his career. It's making him miserable, violent and likely un well. Does that mean you need to stay with him, support him, put up with this? No, that choice is entirely up to you. It sounds scary and maybe dangerous, what do you think is best? Remember it is possible it is not circumstances that are at play here, maybe he is just a violent person and things might get worse.

I'm sorry I have no definitive advice. I hope you make a decision which keeps you safe and makes you happy.

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