My (27F) ex partner’s (28M) new girlfriend (24F) is trying to play house with my child (4F)

Tracy didn't. Maybe James said he was the father, but the truth is that this is just some confusing situation. First, OP had James being treated as the father when it benefited her, and now that they are broken up, she still wants him to act as the daddy, but to "know his place" and not act like the daddy. I am confused, so i am sure that a woman who has only been dating James for a short time is confused.

IDK. This reminds me of once, a guy who I was dating, his son was sick so I said he could stay with me (at his home). I have one grown child and have been taking care of other children my entire life. The poor kid had diarrhea, puking, and got sick all over his bed. When he took a shower, I threw his dirty bedding in the wash and found some sort of blankets to lay down on his bed while they washed. When dad came home, he was grilling me on why I washed his son's bedding....uh, because I would never let a child have to go and lie down on a bed where he had diarrhea and threw up? The guy acted more like his son was his "property" and possession and it was really weird. When dating with kids, you have to understand that you can never know what will and will not upset the other people involved. Personally, I wouldn't even put my child around someone who I was dating and I have never met a date's children because I wanted to.

Maybe OP should tell James that she isn't comfortable with her child around someone who he is dating. IDK,

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