My (27F) social media past hurting my boyfriend (38M)

Basically he wants me to tell my family my sordid sexual online past. Because he’s tried of getting shit on by my family. Because my family sees me upset constantly. It’s my actions that make him like that. And he thinks I only cover my ass. Now he says, tell your family about your all about your past or else I’m done with us. He’s done seeming like the bad guy. My mom thinks I’m drifting away from my family. And that I’m losing myself in this relationship. When I’ve never been happier and starting to love myself and life. I still live with my parents and a sibling. In the beginning, of our relationship my mom called him very bad names and yelled to me that my boyfriend was an old evil pervert and only want to fuck me. She was very suspicious of him. She’s honestly just so crazy sometimes. She’s over protective and almost controlling. So he feels this from my mother (she’s apologized to me)

I don’t feel comfortable telling my family the details from my past. My family and I aren’t close. We don’t talk about feelings. I have no idea where to begin about my past. I feel pressured to tell my family about something I don’t want to yet. He said I had time since March. I don’t feel comfortable with this.

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