My (28F) cousin (32F) wants me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding to my ex-fiancé (36M) and my family are pressuring me to accept.

No, you owe them nothing.

Did they think about your feelings when they cheated? Did they think about your feelings when they began their relationship?

Sorry she’s such a shit person she doesn’t have enough friends to have a wedding party, but that’s not your problem. If that were my cousin and ex-fiancé, they both would be dead to me.

No is a complete sentence. If your family can’t grasp why it’s ridiculous she’d even ask you, they’re morons. It’s not about you still loving your ex or even feeling hurt still over what happened: they did what they did and what they did was AWFUL. Even if I did find forgiveness in my heart for them—which perhaps I would eventually—it doesn’t mean I would need to spend time with them or be in their wedding.

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