My [29/F] boyfriend [26/M] of 6 months, is dumping me over my lying. Can I fix this?

That’s next to impossible. I live in a small town. I’m 29 and have only felt this way about 2 guys. I’m giving up if he leaves me because if this is how normal people are (not me, when I commit, I commit, nothing will tear us apart) then there is no point spending a ridiculous amount of time trying to find someone who is going to leave me if I make a small mistake.

Whatever I’m done. I was expecting people to be understanding. I was looking for support. I’ve been crying my eyes out for hours and have gotten nothing but judgement for telling two little lies when I’ve been lied to by men more times than I can count.

I’m done with all this. Keep on insulting me and telling me the dude has “every right” to dump me for making 2 fucking mistakes.

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