My (29m) boyfriend (30m) only has mental breaks when I have time off work

I have tried many many times to get him to talk to someone. He goes through the process of getting their number. Doing the first session and then thinking he's "cured" and then it's just rinse and repeat. Even after ive said he needs to stick it out.

He's very impulsive and doesn't listen to me when it comes to this stuff because I can be quiet apathetic. Even though I battled through depression from 14 to 22 due to neglect from my parents.

He's had an extremely sheltered life growing up with everything handed too him (his words not mine) so I get how the shock of the real world life stress with adult responsibility cna just weigh you down but its like he isn't willing to put the full effort into making himself better. He wants it to all be sorted for him.

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