My (29M) ex-girlfriend (25F) is refusing to move out of my house. What do I do?

Send her a formal notice to vacate the premises give her the correct amount of notice as required by law, and then if she doesn't comply you have to file with the courts to have a formal eviction, You can't just call the police to come over and kick her out, if she has lived there a while she has rights but you also have rights, so you have a right to send her a formal notice to leave and if she doesn't leave by that amount of time, evict. If you live in the states each state has a different standard, I dont know about other countries.

Of course she's angry, she's a leech and doesn't want to have to pay rent somewhere when she can just bully and henpeck you and stay around. You don't have to argue with her. Its your house. She an hit the highway.

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