My (31/m) girlfriend (33/f) gave out her number to a guy right in front of me

“She’s a lying sack of shit.” End it because this is what literally everyone is saying to you.

Even if she isn’t a lying sack of shit, the alternative is that this relationship is damaged beyond repair because of your inherent mistrust of her.

Your post is just dripping with vitriol and disdain for this woman. This isn’t the first time you’ve argued like this, is it? It’s exhausting to read your side, let alone to live it.

I’ll put forth this: assuming you’ve confided these feelings in other people in your life outside of Reddit, your friends/family/coworkers will never treat her the same even if you DO mend fences (all they’ll remember is your side of the story and their perception of her as a lying, manipulative, attention-seeking whore). And she’ll remember is your hate-filled characterization of her.

Work on your world view and your relationship with women in general. Go to counseling to figure out where your mistrust and loathing come from. In the meantime, do “drop her like a ton of bricks” because nobody deserves to feel so isolated, disliked, or embattled in a relationship.

Good luck out there.

TL; DR: I don’t see how the two of you will go on to have a secure, trusting relationship someday.

I know nothing about her, but she seems emotionally immature. She seems like she has the EQ of a teenager. In her mind, you are wrong because you’re a jealous fuck who has driven her to this point, or some other BS. (Women in general don’t understand general logical flow).

It’s all good, amigo.

Just remember that even in a worst case scenario, you have went through this before and have come out better because of it.

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