My (36/F) son (6/M) wants to be a girl. Looking for advice.

Hello everyone,

We are very open minded and accepting in general. We also in a fairly progressive state (New Jersey).

Still doesnt change the fact that you're asking about whether or not your son keeps his dick. Keep him in reality, he is male, biology says he's male and a sex change will do nothing to reassign those Y chromosomes. Your son does not "need" a cosmetic procedure that only causes harm (and has a massive amount of people regretting transition/suicide).

For the past 2-3 days my son has been asking me how come he is not a girl. These conversations happen every couple of months. Our last conversation left me heartbroken.. "Mama, how come it's okay for girls to like blue and not okay for boys to like pink?" Also, it seems like kids are making fun of him when he says that he likes Little Ponies and pink. Yesterday he once again complained about being a boy. I've asked why he'd like to be a girl.. "I'd like to have long hair and wear beautiful dresses".

And you can answer truthfully: 1. You can give him a basic knowledge of childmaking (just say its random because dna chooses it and science!) 2. Tell him social norms exist (because they do) and that as a boy he has his own set of rules. 3. tell him to keep some things to himself, so hes not made fun of.

Its not easy but its better than raising a failure.

Just to be clear, we are 1000% supportive of decisions he makes.

You realise he is fucking 6 years old right? You realize you have better odds trusting a total stranger with your bank account than you do your child right?

I always tell him that both dad and myself love him no matter what... that he is who he is and we will always love him.

So you do tell him he is male and will never be female?

My question is.. how should I deal with his requests? For now, I've told him that if when he is 15 and still wants to be a girl, we will help him to become one.

You dont think hes missing some maturity, critical thinking skills and general information regarding medical practices? Pretty sure the 6 year old has no idea whats gonna happen to his dick. Go watch the operation and look at what your son is asking of you, its abhorrent to actually want this for your own child.

I am not sure if this is sufficient and just generally not sure how to prepare him for the life ahead.

If you raise him a woman he will be molded into a failure. You can even google it, were happier when we follow gender roles (and children are more successful in 2 parent homes).

For all i know it could be just because he has an older sister, but I see how different he is from other boys in his class. All of his friends are girls, he loves to perform and sing, very emotional and sensitive.

It's not like kids know acting and stuff like this is considered kind of gay. Hes 6, he probably has no idea wtf is going on and is just trying out shit he can get his hands on. Try bringing him to new hobbies to try out like a sports team or something more technical.

How should I respond to his requests? he will be starting 1st grade in a different school and I'm wondering if I should talk to a principal and request a more suiting teacher for his personality? If he is gay, transgender, etc..

He is 6, no fucking way a child that young knows if hes gay or trans or whatever.

At the same time, I want to make sure he is strong enough to withstand life. He wants to do theatre (and he will), but part of me wonders if we should put him in karate as well... so that he would have an ability to defend himself. I want to know that he stand up for himself because... well people suck.

I wanted to do theater, thought it was a fun job that allowed me to travel. Ended up being the most monotonous and repetitive job i ever held. Didnt turn out gay or trans. Do you think that explains it? He likes theater and wants to do it hence he does things that are related to gays (singing, dancing etc) so you think he's gay? In any case raise him like you would normally.

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