My(50F) husband (53M) just messaged me on Tinder


I married at 19, and have been married 26 years. I have character flaws and peccadilloes, but I’ve neither cheated, nor been cheated on in my marriage.

The problem: If sex is vitally important to you but it’s not important whatsoever to your wife, you’re incompatible. The solution? Leave.

If being in your marriage is at the expense of your character? Leave.

If you ever use the word “incarceration” to describe your experience(s) in your marriage? Yikes that’s cringeworthy. Leave.

If you know you’ll be unhappy for what’s left of your days on this earth if you stay in your marriage - for Christ’s sake leave, yeah?

Question: Is your wife a terrific life companion if you’re this unhappy? Or are you afraid of losing money and being alone? Cuz those are very different things, y’know?

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