My (57M) daughter (32F) is refusing to speak to me because I went on a trip while she’s struggling financially.

Maybe she wants to not deal with the husband, but a divorce is too expensive at the moment.

I mean I understand why she is upset thinking you paid for the trip, but after talking about it I would be like okay it’s fine.

To be honest with you, I am currently not speaking with my mother because she told me I could not stay for a few months in her extra room or basement. I even offered to pay her rent. I was trying to leave a bad relationship and she told me I can’t move in with her. I feel so stuck and she was not there for me when I needed her most. My aunt and friends have been there for me more, not giving me money, but shelter.

I mean you could help her out and say it is the last time or help her and tell her from now on you expect to be paid back.

My sister and I have had very unstable lives since we were children because of my parent’s divorce. We both are struggling with issues and mental illness from things we had to go through as children. I have never asked my parents for money, but my dad has helped my sister and I when emergencies arose and I love and appreciate him so much for doing it without having to ask. I planned to pay for an emergency root canal for example, but he covered it. My mom on the other hand told me I could not stay with her for a few months until my friend got a house and she gave me $200 instead..

I also used to not speak with my sister, but we are over that and really close now, so hopefully you and your daughter can patch things up too.

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