My Adjusted (and hopefully more accurate) ESL Ranking System

Analysis of rankings:

Fnatic - consistency kings, way out in front with a mix of top recent and past placings over the last 6 months, as expected.

Na'Vi - 2 recent tournament wins as well as other top placings in the last 2 months mean Na'Vi place high as well as the ESL Pro league win (50%) helping to create a large gap between themselves and TSM.

TSM - Despite a very successful and consistent run on LAN, TSM's failure to appear at many LANs in the last 2 months mean that on recent form they find themselves behind Na'Vi but 2 recent tournament wins keeps them ahead of Virtus.Pro.

VP - Have been inconsistent over the last few months but with a recent win at CEVO LAN and a top 4 placing at ESEA ESL Pro league finals they just edge out Cloud9 at number 4.

C9 - Cloud9 are riding high on current form with 3 top 2 placings and a top 4 from their last 4 LAN tournaments but with little to show for previous months they find themselves behind Virtus.Pro, but will soon overtake them in the rankings due to the Pole's reliance on less recent results.

NV - With 2 roster changes reducing the French teams ranking points, NV are set to see their points further diminished if they fail to post a strong placing in their upcoming tournaments.

NiP - Very few good results since their run of top 2/4 placings a few months ago, NiP can only hope to get back into the higher reaches of the rankings with a good string of results - even a win at cologne would see them unlikely to go much higher than 3rd or 4th.

Titan - Very poor results over the last few months finds Titan way down in the rankings, with only the addition of Shox and SmithZz putting them anywhere close to the 7th place team NiP.

The reason I've written out this ranking analysis is to hopefully demonstrate to people how much recent results and form can effect the rankings but also take into account past results as not to make this a form chart. (Most notable in the case of C9 and VP - very close in points rankings but without good results C9 would soon overtake VP). The addition of Shox and SmithZz inflating Titan's rank also brings into question ESL's points application for transferred players - perhaps new players in a roster should have their points scrapped, or changed by some undefined ratio?

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