Is my adult daughter (24F) taking advantage of me (59M), we argued over tea for god's sake

just checked OP's history. this is an abuser. idk if hes farming for karma by lying, or this is a abusive father who is mentally unwell and is using this stuff as fuel to be heard.

please leave you're daughter alone. please stop antagonizing, controlling your daughter. do not control her things, her habits, her lifestyle, her schedule.. you are not treating her like you love her. at all.

you're leaving an alarming amount of posts explaining in detail how you control, manipulate, and unfairly treat your daughter.

obviously unaware of how shitty your mental health and issues are affecting them. please seek help. please stop interacting with your daughter for the sake of her health.

if she was a minor, i would call cps on your behavior. she is on a bad bad environment.

please leave your daughter alone

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