My arm post surgery and 42 staples later

It's kinda long but here it is..

I was doing my weekend shopping at the grocery store. When I got to the register and ready to pay I pulled out my pen to sign my check. Once I was done I stuck the pen in my pocket but at that moment the cashier stops me and says can she have her pen back. I politely stated it was my pen and she argued back that I was hers (it was branded with the company entergy). She stated her husband works there and gave her the pen, where in fact my father works there too and was the one who gave me the pen. Anyways, she started getting loud and it made me uncomfortable so I grabbed my thing and started walking off. As I walking out a manager came up behind me and shouted my name, it was an old friend of mine. He stopped me and said "what'd you do to upset the employee in there so bad" (in a joking manner). We stood there and talked for a few mins, then he asked me to come back in and wanted me to meet his kids that were waiting in the break room. I followed him to the back of the store(the other employee no where in sight) and he walked me into this room and told me to sit tight for a second. This room was small, it had only a small window, table, and three chairs too. Well I sat down and waited for about 5 minutes, till became uncomfortable. I got up and went to leave but noticed the door was locked. At this point I became Claustrophobic and panicked. As I was freaking out I looked at the window and thought I had to leave now. I put a chair up by the window, opened it and started to climb out. In that very moment the police came barging through the door and started yelling. One ran up and grabbed my arm and started pulling, a second ran up and grabbed my leg and started pulling on it like I'm pulling yours.

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