My Aunts new husband exposed himself to her daughter, and I want him to suffer.

I grew up on a culture where the little girl would be blamed for teasing the older man and being a slut. You have no clue how many times I blamed myself for the abuses I endured. My own mother took me in when I was so young to get help with my "issues" and I still have scars to show for it. I'm grown now and even though I know I wasn't to blame, I still deal with this guilt. OP is doing such an amazing thing for this little girl. As much as we focus on this piece of garbage and getting him to pay for what he has done, it's especially important that the little girl be reassured that she did the right thing and he was dead wrong!!! Please, protect her and her sanity, and show her love and help her get some peace. This is such a traumatizing thing to happen to such a young girl or anyone. My heart breaks for her that someone she trusted could betray her like that.

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