My Average Monthly Spend as an Elementary School Teacher in the Bay Area

Man, I agree with your larger point, but your stats are really bad.

That was somewhat poorly phrased. I was trying to say the majority of Americans today will have student loan debt at some point in their lives.

I understand you're saying that, but I'm saying that is a false statement. It just isn't close to true, and it isn't anything subjective about it.

The majority of people under around the age of 40 will have had student loans at some point in their lives simply given the number of Americans that attend school and the rising costs of education since around 2000.

That also is false. Most people do not go to college.

Yeah, [most people] actually do [go to college].

Really, they don't.

The majority of high school graduates in the nation go directly to college.

Ok this makes sense as a misunderstanding, but you have to be careful not to cherry pick stats. Not everyone graduates high school, so you can't extrapolate that most Americans go to college just because most high school graduates do. Good stats still result in false claim if used improperly.

student loans are something the majority of Americans will have to experience at some point in their lives as they grow up today. Those that don't are dying off.

Again, not true. The fact that most people don't go to college makes this impossible. Graduating with debt is a growing trend among college students, but the relative population of people with student debt is actually shrinking nationally.

The whole point to this is pointing out that only 14% of Americans currently have student loans glosses over a whole host of issues.

It's just a fact. I presented it pretty much without commentary. To say that a factual statement "glosses over" issues is a little weird, isn't it? If you read some implication into my presentation of that statistic, I didn't actually mean for there to be any. Again, I think I mostly agree with you about the issue of student loans. But you are saying things that are just demonstrably not true.

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