My aversion to social interaction has gotten to the point where I am willing to give up my good $$ as a freelancer (working with clients who want unnecessary meetings etc.) to be an overnight stocker.

I hate the whole concept of going to company events, looking at pictures of people's kids, and tEaM bOnDinG.

I did a research fellowship in college and the WHOLE first week was stupid social activities... they made us do literal trust falls on a zipline with helmets in the hot sun. Someone with a fear of heights had a panic attack. We were a bunch of chemistry nerds, yet a whole day was spent climbing logs and doing obstacle courses for team building. Lots of time that I could have spent in the lab was instead spent on weekly lunches. Not showing up to that stupid stuff is like career suicide.

There were also lab meetings that would start at 5pm and actually end around 7pm but everyone would stay and just drink beer and eat snacks til like 10pm and if I left early people would get really offended. Like bro, I'm tired from researching all day I don't have time to pretend to be your friend outside of work hours.

Where I'm going with this is, I feel like in the last few years programming has become overtaken by extroverts. Agile/scrum is basically micromanagement where non-technical managers can have control over the actual engineers/techs.

I used to think programming could be an option for an introvert/spd but nowadays programming seems to entail lots of daily standup meetings, constant checkins, and other necessary socializing with UI/UX teams going through 500 iterations for no good reason.

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