and my axe! - finished grail project

here's my first finished grail project: Linus! seems i like high Atk units...

he can oneshot just about anything short of medium-high Def reds (which Lilina can usually nuke from orbit), and a well-timed special usually does the trick there


Basilikos (+Eff): it's his Prf (which i usually like to keep on units), and it does his job of oneshotting fools well with effectively 21 mt; despite the LnD he also still comes with a respectable 31 Def, so he can usually tank a hit to get in range for his A&B skills

Reposition: ...duh

Brazen Atk/Spd: i was thinking about replacing this with Atk/Def for further tanking potential since he wants to oneshot anyway and thus needs less Spd, but i need my Ares for merging him up; either way, get in range and even MORE stuff dies

this could also become DC in the future, should i happen upon some fodder

Vantage: the obvious choice for a one-shot focused unit, plus good synergy with his Brazen A-skill

i was thinking about putting Null Follow-Up here to profit from his considerable Spd often preventing normal follow-ups, or Special Spiral should i happen to come across a spare Lewyn or Keaton because that skill is nuts

Drive Def: drives are always useful, so i just kept this

any build advice is welcome :)

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