My US Bank Altitude Reserve shutdown notice came in this envelope

I own a small laundromat, thusly must deposit quarters into the bank regularly. Banked with USBank for about 4 years until last summer, while on vacation with my kids discovered USBank had froze my business and personal accounts and kept about $10,000 total from me for months. It was a nightmare, and totally unexpected. I had to go to about 5 different tenants and their banks and get letters confirming their rent checks were written to me and real. I’ve been a landlord to some of these people and depositing their checks without issue for over a decade!
USBank treated me like a fucking criminal or terrorist. I was stranded 2000 miles away from home with kids and thank god I had family to lend me emergency money in a pinch but omg!!! No warning, no reason. Just shut all accounts and kept my fucking $10,000 for months until I finally proved it was legit. All this? Because “high volume quarters is suspicious activity.” I’m sure my husband’s very middle eastern name (and a couple wire transfers from his also very middle eastern father) also helped. Racist fucks. Fuck you USBank you ruined my kids vacation and created a nightmare for no reason.

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